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Nishuane PTA School Spirit Store

***** THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL SITE OF THE MONTCLAIR SCHOOL DISTRICT *** Dear Nishuane Parents / Caregivers / Teachers and Staff: The PTA does its best to accomodate the many styles and preferences of our families and faculty, but with 500 students and their associated teachers and families that can be quite a challenge! The Nishuane PTA has initiated an online store where you can pick out and order any of these Nishuane School Spirit items and have them shipped directly to you. If you have any requests, please let us know. At this time, all orders are screen-printed. Embroidered logos on clothing should be available by Fall 2008. *** NOTE: Children's items are ONLY available where YOUTH appears in the title or sizes (after clicking on the image) ***

Order More: As Low As $26.49
Order More: As Low As $12.74

Thanks for your order and for supporting the Nishuane PTA! Send any questions to: Sarah Damaskos / Nishuane PTA School Spirit Committee / sarah1360@yahoo.com / 973-744-4195